Exciting Criminal Justice Opportunities

There are two big reasons why criminal justice degrees are currently so popular. One, they can serve as a launching pad for a wide range of careers. Two, more and more law enforcement agencies are requiring some college credit in order to qualify for a given position.

Criminal justice programs cover everything from research methods and statistics to corrections to criminal law and give students a working knowledge of how the courts, corrections institutions, and law enforcement agencies function. Those who earn a degree often go on to accept jobs such as crime scene investigators, probation officers, correctional counselors, FBI special agents, paralegals, criminal justice professors, or police detectives.

As a result, opportunities are abundant for qualified people who want to dedicate their professional lives to ensuring public safety, protecting the rights and property of individuals or organizations, or contributing to the fairness and effectiveness of the justice system.

That's why an education in criminal justice can provide a lot of value. It can serve as a powerful foundation for pursuing a wide variety of graduate programs or as a complement to legal studies, which can lead to diverse careers in law. But it can also clear a path toward plenty of other exciting, meaningful, and good-paying opportunities.

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